Thursday, May 8, 2008

Amazing Health Food

Hello Health Seekers,

My name is Pat Smith.
I am such a believer in these 2 Products I felt I had to
write more about them.

Now I am going to be Real Honest here and not sure if this is right or not but oh well.

I am 64 years old. Born March 28th 1946.
At age 12 I found my first drink.
At 15 I was hooked on Booze. I drank all the time.
Went through my life as an animal. Running around
hurting a lot of people never caring about their feelings.

At age 47 and a whooping 115 lbs. I was on deaths door
I found a Solution to my problem.
A Power Greater then Myself which restored
me to Sanity. Yes a 12 step program.

That was Sept.13 th 1993

Now my point to all this is in 2000 I was introduced to
Spirulina by a friend.

He said if I start taking this and walking each day in a few weeks I would feel
like a New man.
I am a trusting person so I bought some .

He gave me a recipe that I started to take each day.
I mixed up some fruits an veggies in a blender with ice and
Gatorade and one spoon of Spirulina.

So after a few weeks I felt like a new man. I could not believe how good I felt.
My skin changed, my hair grew faster and just my overall being felt better.

In early recovery this is just what the Dr. ordered.
I try to get everyone on this because I know how depleted their bodies are.

I have done research on Spirulina and Clorella and have found out the most
amazing things about these products that certain companies don't want us to know.

This is the reason I started this blog. To educate people about these.

Now Earthrise is the company I really like because I believe in their products
compared to other companies. Earthrise has been making Spirulina since 1984 in California.

Please read my blog and do your own research on these.
Don't just take my word for it.

Then if you like what you have read and feel this is right for you
find a great place to by Earthrise!!

I will say this that I have found Spirulina Natural is the best for me
and that is what I try to offer most people.

I like the 1lb powder because its the best deal and last longer than the
tablets or caps.

Also listen to the video's on the rite side of this blog!!!

Thank You so much for your time and I hope I get to hear from you
after you have tried this Wonderful Product.

My site is

The 3 Billion Year Old Secret

Monday, August 20, 2007

Spirulina Enhances Cardiovascular Health And Helps Lower Cholesterol

Spirulina enhances your cardiovascular health and helps to lower your cholesterol. It seems that this superfood is taking over and can help improve overall health in so many ways.

The increase in people taking dietary supplements to support their health is astonishing. In the past 10 years the numbers have grown significantly. If you want to help enhance your cardiovascular health and help lower your cholesterol then Spirulina can help.

If you are taking a dietary supplement then I strongly recommend that you switch to taking spirulina. Scientists have confirmed that spirulina contains cholesterol lowering benefits and also improves heart artery functions which helps to lower blood pressure.

Specific studies have also been carried out in Japan and India on men. These studies proved that several grams of spirulina taken daily can lower cholesterol. The studies have shown the spirulina helps to reduce LDL Cholesterol which is the bad cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol which is the good cholesterol. This is really great news for those looking to lower their cholesterol.

More human studies have been carried out in Germany and India and both found that spirulina also has weight reduction properties along with cholesterol lowering effects. Again more great news. Now you can lose weight and lower your cholesterol at the same time.

These studies prove that spirulina really is a great supplement not only for cardiovascular health but for cholesterol lowering and weight loss too.

Why not start taking spirulina today.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Spirulina Helps To Balance And Strenghten The Immune System

If you are into scientific theories then you know that according to science the main directive of our body's metabolism is to help to support our immune system. When the body's immune system is suffering, stressed, or under attack, it will draw on the body's metabolic energy to help out.

Spirulina has been proven to be an immune regulating food and for people that suffer from an immune system imbalance spirulina can make a big difference. These people will often feel chronic fatigue and have low energy and spriulina can help to alleviate this.

Just by taking small amounts of spirulina on a daily basis, you have help to balance and stabilize your immune system. This in turn frees up more of your metabolic energy which can then be used for vitality, healing, and the assimilation of nutrients. This is why people who take spirulina will tell you that they have more energy.

How does Spirulina strengthen the immune system?

People who take spirulina will tell you that they very seldom catch colds and if they do they are not severe. They will also tell you that their wounds heal quicker too. They have more energy and find that they can fight off illness much quicker than before. They put it down to spirulina.

Spirulina is in fact a powerful tonic for your immune system and medical scientists have proven that spirulina not only stimulates the immune system but that it actually enhances enhances the body's ability to generate new blood cells. Studies also showed an increase in activity in many other areas of the body too including the spleen, bone marrow stem cells, T-cells and natural killer cells.

Spirulina also increases resistance to disease and this has been proven in animals. Scientists have also discovered that a purified extract that is unique to spirulina actually inhibits the replication of HIV-1, Herpes, Influenza, Mumps and Measles virus in-vitro yet is very safe for human cells.

This is great news and research into this superfood is continuing.

If you want to increase your resistance to disease, strengthen your immune system, and boost your energy levels, why not start taking spirulina now.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Health Benefits Of Spirulina

Spirulina truly is an amazing food. It contains a lot of protein and protein is vital in order for the body to survive. In fact, most of our bodily functions cannot take place without protein. Spirulina contains three times more protein by weight than beef. The protein in Spirulina is also more digestible than that of beef, which means that you take more of it into your system. Spirulina also contains complete protein, which is all eight essential amino acids. Our bodies produce amino acids, but there are eight that the body cannot make and these need to be obtained from the foods we eat. Red meat is the main source of these so for vegetarians Spirulina could be classified as a gift.

Spirulina contains vitamin B12, and since it is a plant, of course it is a vegetarian source. B12 deficiency has been linked to low bone mineral density, forgetfulness and cognitive problems. B12 if found mainly in red meat so again spirulina is great for vegetarians.

Spirulina contains the second highest amount of GLA available. GLA is gamma linolenic acid. This is an essential fatty acid. GLA is essential for babies and it helps the brain grow and build new connections. It also enhances the immune system. Spirulina is a great source of GLA and can be taken by both adults and children.

Spirulina also contains chlorophyll and beta-carotene which are powerful antioxidants. They help support the immune system and may have anti-cancer effects. Spirulina is also an excellent source of calcium.

You should try to think of spirulina as food, not pills or medicine. You can take it whole or as capsules on a daily basis. If you are ill you can increase your dosage.

Give spirulina a try. I believe you will find that it will improve your health and support your efforts at healthy living.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Spirulina - More Questions Answered

Spirulina is one of the most productive foods in the world

Spirulina believe it or not offers more nutrition per acre than any other food. Spirulina delivers 20 times more protein per acre than soybeans and 200 times more than beef. For anyone interested in saving our planet you may be interested to know that by growing more spirulina, we can help stop cutting the last original forests to grow food.

What about spirulina's health benefits?

there are some amazing stories about the health benefits of spirulina. Many people who have taken spirulina have experienced increased energy and alertness. Others have experienced weight loss. Spirulina can also help with cleansing and fasting and increasing your resistance to disease. Spirulina is great for people of all ages, including children. Older people have reported that they find it easy-to-digest. Athletes find that spirulina provides them with more energy and endurance and speeds recovery.

Does spirulina do the same things as herbs?

Herbs have specialized active ingredients that are designed to help with a certain health condition. Echinacea for example helps to fight off colds and flu. Some herbs can only be taken for a limited amount of time and others have side effects. Spirulina on the other hand is a safe whole food, and can be taken every day. It works in many ways to strengthen and balance our health, offering a rich nutrient profile to deeply nourish our bodies. It builds a strong foundation, so we are less vulnerable to invading bacteria and viruses. It's so potent, only a few grams a day are needed.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How Safe Is Spirulina?

In today's post I want to answer a couple of questions that regularly arise when talking about spirulina and these are:

  1. Is The Spirulina Algae Safe?
  2. Is Blue Green Algae Not Toxic?
Question 1 first, is the spirulina algae safe?
Spirulina actually has a very long history of being safe to use which actually makes it unique among blue-green algae. Over five centuries ago the Aztecs in Mexico where taking spirulina on a daily basis and in Africa many people eat spirulina that grows in the lakes even today. In fact, for the past 20 years, millions of people all over the world have been enjoying spirulina as an extremely safe food supplement. Spirulina has also been recommended by the United Nations and the World Health Organization as being safe and nutritious for children.

Question 2, is blue-green algae not toxic?
You can look at spirulina in the way you looks at mushrooms, some are toxic some are not. There are some types of algae that are toxic and wild algae that is harvested from lakes can often be contaminated by other toxic algae growing in the same lake. This is where spirulina is different. Spirulina has the advantage of being safely cultivated in a pure culture and it is therefore the spirulina that you buy today is not found growing wild or in an uncontrolled environment. This is what makes spirulina so safe, there are no toxins and no pollutants.

So there you have it, spirulina is safe and extremely beneficial to your health and the health of your children.

Until next time remember; your health matters,


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Why Should I Eat Seaweed?

You have probably never considered eating seaweed let alone eating it daily. Seaweed however can be a very healthy and nutritious food but where can you find it.

Grocery stores are not exactly stocking their shelves with seaweed so it is no wonder that many people don't have it in their kitchen cupboards, and come to think of it, there aren't that many recipes that call for this ingredient either.

You probably haven't even heard of it unless you eat sushi which is often served with seaweed.

Statistics show people in Japan are healthier than people living in the United States and thisis because seaweed is one of their staple foods. Seaweed has the high-fiber of vegetables, more protein than meat, and more calcium than milk. So you see, eating seaweed is not a bad idea at all.

Replacing the fat of fast food burgers with the fiber of seaweed would go a long way to improving the way we eat. It could be done using seaweed extract without the burgers tasting much different. Wouldn't you try it if it tasted the same?

Supplementing your regular diet with seaweed such as spirulina is a great way to ensure that you are getting the right quantity and variety of trace minerals and vitamins you need.

There are many other types of seaweed but spirulina is by far the best and most nutritious. You can find them in health food stores as well as stores that sell Asian food. Look for Agar, Dulse, Hijiki, Irish Moss, Kelp, Kombu, Laver, Nori, Sloke, and Wakame. Toss them together in a bowl and you have a low calorie sea-vegetable salad. Seaweed can also be used in seasonings, soups, teas, and assorted food recipes.

If you have no inclination to eat vegetables let alone sea vegetables, you can still benefit by taking them in supplement form such as tablets, capsules, or liquid extract. That way you can also get the smaller algae forms of seaweed like chlorella or spirulina which are by far the best. Your body will get plenty of beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and iodine.

Seaweed is a wholesome food that adds variety to your diet and is good for your health so why not try to incorporate it into your daily diet.